3 ways an open cup can help prevent picky eating


Everything you need to know about picky eating and open cups

(… and I’m doing a give-away too! )

People I have worked with will know that I am always banging on about the merits of the open cup. I often meet parents of toddlers with eating problems who still drink from a bottle with a teat. This is really common – it’s extremely easy to get stuck with a habit that is comforting to your child, especially if it’s part of your bedtime routine. Making transitions like this ( for example, ditching dummies / pacifiers) takes time and energy that are in short supply for most parents. Continue reading


My interview with Nutritional Therapist, Kathryn Barker

It’s baby-led weaning week on the EAF blog and to start us off, I am excited to be posting an interview with  Nutritional Therapist Kathryn  Barker. baby bites logoKathryn runs ‘BabyBites’ baby-led weaning and infant nutrition classes in the East Midlands, UK. Kathryn trained as a Nutritional Therapist when her eldest child was a baby. She is passionate about baby-led weaning and started teaching other parents about it when she realised that there was a huge demand for more information on the subject. Continue reading