Should you worry about your fussy eater’s weight?

bigstock-Toddler-Girl-Bubbles-451591My last post was about the importance of acknowledging that you have a problem with your child’s eating and making the decision that you want things to change. So what next?

I normally steer well clear of self-help books, but some time ago, I read Getting Things Done by David Allen. Aside from the joys of owning my very own labeller, one of the key things I got from this book is the notion of the ‘next action’. It’s a brilliantly simple concept whereby you define the next action for any given task. Then you do it. It’s that simple. This enables you to begin seemingly overwhelming challenges because even the most daunting of projects has a ‘next action’ that in itself may not be daunting at all.

If you have decided that you want to improve mealtimes in your house, here’s your next action: Get your child’s weight and growth checked by a health professional. Here in the UK, this will mean a trip to see your health visitor. In the US, a visit to your pediatrician.  Continue reading